Monday, December 19, 2011

Problem Solving and Communication Building Activity Idea

The Tarp Flip

Gather your group on top of tarp or sheet, preferably with two visually distinct sides. Instruct them to try and flip it over without stepping off of the tarp. Identify a consequence for teammates stepping off, such as having the entire team restart or continue on with out being able to speak to one another. You could time the group and then challenge them to set a goal to beat. For another variation, start blindfolding one participant at a time at random as the group works together to beat the challenge. By blindfolding a participant after each minute that passes, the group will develop a grater sense of urgency to complete the challenge, and it adds to the fun for older groups. For an even more advanced version, instruct participants that they may not use their hands during the challenge. Be sure to celebrate your success after flipping the tarp completely over, and discuss how teammates worked together to achieve their goal.

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